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The Advantage Nashik Foundation

Nashik First is a group of people working for improving quality life of Citizens of Nashik.

We are a group of people who act as a catalyst for the growth of the city and in many cases, becoming the primary factor responsible for the growth. Through independent assessment of different projects & various activities happening in Nashik, we strive to act as a body of citizens which will help our city grow systematically by complementing the efforts of the concerned authorities and make the city we dream of.

To realize this dream and to focus our efforts on the activities which are going to be really meaningful for the development of the city, ANF strives to be a foundation which acts through a systematic methodology to achieve specific goals.

Our Vision

Nashik city will be Clean, Green, Safe, Economically developed & Well planned having world class infrastructure and well connected with major cities of India by 2025.

What makes us special?


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RTO Training

Road Safety & Traffic Awareness programme jointly organized by RTO, Nashik and Nashik First.

In this initiative, the learning license holders (youth aged 18 to 25 yrs) will get permanent license only after undergoing Counselling & Training on Road Safety & Traffic Awareness Programme for two hours.

Learning License Suspended License School Bus Driver

School / College / Organization Trainings

To increase awareness about Traffic Safety, Nashik First organizes Road Safety Traffic Awareness Workshops.

This programme is exclusively designed for school students from Std. 5th to Std. 10th and Adult such as College students including 11-12th std., Employees working in various organisations, Any other types of adult groups.

School Students Adult (College / Organization)

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