Happiness... is living in the city of your dreams...

Cities in India are getting smarter and looking for secure, intelligent and smarter solutions of resource optimisation. Quality of Life is at the heart of this transformation. Nashik First is an initiative of active citizens of Nashik which is catalysing this growth by helping individuals, communities, working with government authorities to do what matters most.

Directors of Advantage Nashik Foundation

Abhay Kulkarni
Vinita Dharkar
Vice Chairperson
Devendra Bapat
Managing Director
Milind Jambotkar
General Secretary
Narendra Saboo
Madhukar Bapat
Jitendra Shirke
Suresh Patel
Pramod Lad
Sanjay Deshmukh

Our Vision

Nashik city to be Clean, Green, Safe, Economically developed & Well planned having the world-class infrastructure and well connected with major cities of India by 2025.

Our Mission

Nashik First is an active group of citizens working for improving the quality of the city and citizens of Nashik.

We all have been a part of this wonderful city for a long time. Since the past few years, Nashik has been a place where serious discussions and speculations on a rapid development have been taking place. However, much to everybody’s disappointment, all of them have remained what they are, discussions and plans and speculations. This has been majorly because of the fact that we, as citizens of Nashik City, have rarely strived to look into the issues & difficulties of citizens and to work as a catalyst to find solutions for the same and become equally responsible for the development of the city in which we all live.

The Advantage Nashik Foundation(ANF) is an endeavor to try & change all this…

Right from its inception in 2009, Nashik First has been instrumental in accelerating this change in the mindset of people and government authorities. It has sensed the need of the hour started working through independent assessment of different projects being undertaken in and around Nashik which will help the city to grow systematically by complimenting the efforts of the concerned authorities and make Nashik a city every citizen dream of.

To realize this dream and to focus our efforts on the activities which are going to be really meaningful for the development of the city, ANF will strive to be a foundation which will be acting through a systematic methodology to achieve specific goals.

Few of the Remarkable achievements are

  • Setting up Traffic Education Park (TEP) and continuously conducting Traffic Training Sessions for School & College students and Traffic Awareness training sessions for adults.
  • Vital role in forming Traffic Planning Cell at Nashik Municipal Corporation & allocation of budget for the same.
  • Addressing the Traffic Condition & problems to Ministry of Road & Transport and Highway Department for improving connectivity of Nashik.
  • A well appreciated creative campaign DON (Dost Of Nashik) to create traffic rule awareness among youth.
  • Starting up “Knowledge Hub“, a library consisting of books, Video/Audio CDs/DVDs related to Traffic Management and simulators for teaching driving techniques to citizens during training sessions.
  • Various innovative Traffic Awareness Campaigns conducted every year during Road Safety Week.
  • Our efforts to start the two flyovers of Thane-Bhiwandi bypass on National Highway no. 3. to improve the connectivity of Nashik and Mumbai were successful. Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) opened both the flyovers for the public which was pending since years.
  • Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU) and Nashik First  launched an online Certificate Course on ‘Road Transport Safety and Awareness’ on 4 th March 2021.

Opportunities of Work for ANF

  • Industry and New Investments
  • Health
  • Mass Transport (Rail, Bus and Air)
  • Power Adequacy
  • Roads (Intra-city and Intercity) Connectivity
  • Sports Complex
  • Social Awareness & Use of RTI
  • Smooth & Disciplined City Traffic
  • Environment and Pollution – Clean & Green city
  • Safety Waste Management & Sewage System
  • Stray Dogs & Animals
  • Education
  • Clean & Flowing Godavari River